It was a nice house in a fancy neighborhood. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I realized, as I was about to knock on the door, that I had been expecting a small, dirty house in a dark, seedy neighborhood that felt scary. This didn’t feel scary. Not yet, anyway.

“Woman needs volunteer doctor to give her examination. Bonus if you’ve got a student who wants to learn, too,” read my ad.

A handsome, middle-aged man answered the door. He had olive skin, dark eyes, and a kind smile.

“You must be Jessica,” he seemed pleased at my arrival. “It’s nice to finally meet you in person. I am Dr. Harmon. Please come in.”

Dr. Harmon ushered me into his beautiful home office and invited me to sit down in a chair next to the young man I could only assume would be Dr. Harmon’s student. This young man was clearly shy. He didn’t look me right in the eyes the way Dr. Harmon had when he opened the door. It wasn’t hard for me to look at him, though. He was so pretty. The smooth dark skin of his muscular arms resting peacefully on the armrests of his chair. His beautiful mysterious face looking down at his big, strong hands resting in his lap.

“This is Daniel. He is my student. He will be observing as well as participating in today’s examination. Is that alright with you, Ms. Jessica?”

“Yes. Hi Daniel. It’s nice to meet you.”

Daniel smiled at me innocently. His eyes, which were now finally looking into mine, sparkled with a sort of newness. A youthful curiosity. An openness to exploring the world around him, despite his shy reticence.

“I’ve been working with Daniel for almost a year now. He’s seen me practice on my patients quite a lot. Today will be the first time he will be an active participant as he needs to start earning his practical hours, so that he can be a doctor someday, too.”

“Great,” I said, smiling at the both of them.

“Are you open to being recorded for educational purposes?”


“Are you open to being penetrated?”


“By both of us?”

“Yes. Please.”

“Ok great. Any questions before we get started?”

“I don’t think so. Just curious to see how your practice works, Dr. Harmon.”

“Ok great. Just sign here to confirm that you are here for medical reasons and you have consented to let us both practice on you. Then I will show you to the examination room.”

Dr. Harmon then led me down a long, brightly lit hallway while Daniel followed behind. Finally we arrived in a small, simple room, just big enough for Dr. Harmon’s examination table and two rolling chairs. Daniel sat down in one of the chairs and Dr. Harmon instructed me to undress down to my underwear, bottoms only, and then to lie down on his table. He sat down in the other rolling chair to watch me do as he instructed. The table was just barely large enough for me to lay all the way down, both legs stretched out straight. I noticed that there were stirrups on the side of the table, too. I imagined my feet would go into those eventually. This excited me.

Once I was stretched out on the table, wearing only my bottom underwears, both Dr. Harmon and Daniel stood up, one on either side of me, and immediately started with the examination. I could tell they were going to be very thorough. They started with my feet, working their way up my legs. Their touch was firm, slow, steady, and comforting to me in my vulnerable nakedness.

“You’ve got a very beautiful body, Ms. Jessica,” Dr. Harmon commented. Daniel seemed to agree as he smiled and nodded and continued with this firm yet gentle touch to examine me.

“Ok, arms up,” Dr. Harmon said when it was time for them to inspect my breasts. I did as I was told.

The doctor started with my left breast first, touching all around it, checking for anything unusual. When he didn’t find anything alarming, he invited Daniel to inspect my right breast in the same way while he watched to be sure that Daniel was handling my breast correctly. They switched places at one point, so they both could examine both of my breasts. Like I said, I could tell they were going to be thorough.

“She has very healthy breasts, doesn’t she?”

“Indeed she does, Dr. Harmon. Indeed she does.”

I was starting to feel good about myself for the first time in a long time.

“Ok, Ms. Jessica. It’s time for you to take these off (he tugged gently at the waist of my underwear) and to put your cute little feet into these (he pulled out the stirrups and put them in just the right place).”

They both sat down and watched me do as the doctor had instructed.

It was surprisingly comfortable laying here, completely naked, feet placed carefully in those stirrups. I could feel the doctor and his protege look at me with pleasure and admiration. I could feel their gratitude for getting to experience the pleasure of getting to practice on such a fine patient. I felt proud and at ease, showing off my healthy breasts and my legs spread so wide apart.

Dr. Harmon was the first to slide over in his rolling chair to get a look at what was between my legs.

“Oh. Daniel. She is perfect for your first practical session. Come stand behind me here and take a look at this perfect, pretty little pussy.”

“Oh my goodness, Dr. Harmon. I know I’m not nearly as experienced as you are, but I have never seen such a perfect little pussy to practice on. Do you get patients like this in here very often?”

“No, Daniel. This is a treat for the both of us. All three of us, I hope,” he gently patted my inner thigh and smiled up at me as he said this last bit.

“I’m already having a good time, Doctor.”

“Good girl.”

It started with his hands on my knees. His touch was gentle yet firm, like it had been earlier. He wasn’t forcing anything, but he was guiding my legs apart with his trustworthy touch. Slowly, he moved his hand up the inside of my thighs until he reached my vulva, which I had learned today was the proper term for the collection of private parts between my legs. He placed a spread out palm firmly onto my vulva, covering it up entirely for a moment, instructing me to take a breath, reminding me that I was safe in his hands. Then he spread apart my labia and began to explore. He used terminology that I’d never heard before to describe what he was touching and feeling as Daniel curiously looked on. He would pause every so often to quiz Daniel on his knowledge of the correct terminology and functions of the various parts of my perfect, pretty little pussy. Daniel was passing these quizzes with flying colors and I could tell they were both getting more and more excited about what was laying there on the examination table in front of them.

Eventually Daniel had taken a seat again in his rolling chair and had rolled himself over to where he and the doctor could take turns touching the various parts of my vulva. Stimulating the outside with some gentle, delicate rubbing. Commenting to one another about how beautiful it was to see how my clitoris was starting to swell as my body was becoming more and more aroused. Putting fingers up inside, noticing with pleasure how much natural lubrication my body could produce, they were like two kids in a candy shop and having the time of their lives.

“Does that feel good, pretty girl?” Dr. Harmon would ask while trying out a different way to move his fingers around. I would smile and nod and then Dr. Harmon would let Daniel try this new method.

It felt so good. Getting all this attention to myself. All this praise. All this pleasure. If this continued, I was sure to have an explosive orgasm any second.

The doctor seemed to be aware of this when he stopped moving his fingers. His hand held still, cupping the whole of my vulva again, he says, “we don’t want you to orgasm until at least one of has been able to penetrate you and ejaculate inside of you, ok? We don’t want you to reach your climax too quickly and lose interest in being penetrated by the both of us.”

I nodded, obediently. His hand stayed where it was.

“Now, your records indicate that you’ve had some trouble getting pregnant but that you’d like to have a baby, is that right?”


“Ok. Well. We are going to see if we can’t change that for you today. Both Daniel and I are very fertile men with very healthy genes. We are also very happy to help out with raising the child, should you become pregnant and eventually give birth. We have lots of love and lots of resources to share and we’d love to share it with a beautiful, healthy, capable woman like you and your child.”

“Really? Great.”

“Daniel, would you like to be first to penetrate this beautiful, perfect little pussy or would you be more comfortable if you could watch me demonstrate first?”

“I’d like to watch first, Dr. Harmon, if that’s ok.”

“Of course,” Dr. Harmon doesn’t hesitate to stand, unzip, and pull down his pants. He reaches into his boxer briefs to pull out a big, beautiful, obviously aroused, penis. “You ready, Ms. Jessica?”

I smile and nod as he comes closer to me, tickling me on the outside with the tip of his penis. Daniel is mesmerized on the edge of his rolling seat, which is closer to me on the examination than I imagine he realizes. I find this to be cute and endearing. He is so young and curious and eager to see everything that was happening to my body.

Then, with a quick and fierce movement, Dr. Harmon is inside of me, fucking me, pleasing himself with the inside of my body. His penis feels good inside of me, it’s filling me up with just what I needed. It doesn’t take him long to reach a climax. He cries out with almost unbearable pleasure as he finishes inside of me.

When he takes it out, he stands back and instructs me to pull my knees up to my chest and to rock back and forth. This is to increase the chances of conception, he says. I do just as he tells me.

“Ok,” says Dr. Harmon, declaratively. “You have a couple options now, Ms. Jessica. You might like to have Daniel penetrate you now, immediately after I have done, or you could elect to have us continue with the examination, like before, until you reach your climax first. It’s totally up to you as either choice is perfectly medically sound.”

Before I can even process what the doctor is explaining to me, Daniel smiles and says, “Dr. Harmon, I think I’d like to see Ms. Jessica have her orgasm before it’s my turn to penetrate her. Isn’t it true that the chances of conception are even higher if the woman experiences the fullness of her pleasure before the man ejaculates inside of her?”

“Haha, I think that’s just a myth, Daniel, but it’s ok by me if it aligns with what this beautiful creature desires.”

I nod. It does.

“Alright then. Put those pretty little feet back in the stirrups, young lady.”

I do as I’m told and they quickly descend onto my exposed vulva which was completely soaked in bodily fluid that isn’t just my own anymore. They both touch and play with me and with each other. They take turns trying out new techniques, taking note of the movements that cause me to cry out in pleasure. They aren’t just using their hands anymore, either. They’re licking and kissing and touching me all over my body. Everywhere except on the mouth, of course. That wouldn’t be medically necessary, afterall, and it might give me the wrong idea about the nature of this doctor-med student-patient relationship. Dr. Harmon even pulls his dick out of his briefs again and penetrates me some more. Daniel doesn’t seem to mind this at all. He gets even more close up to watch as Dr. Harmon goes in and out of me. Again, he is mesmerized at this medical marvel he is so fortunate to get to witness, first hand.

After a while of playing with me like this, Dr. Harmon tells Daniel to “get the toy”. I don’t know what this means but I’m excited. Daniel reaches into a drawer and pulls out a small blue object. It’s the shape of a cylinder with rounded edges and when Daniel squeezes it just the right way, it begins to vibrate.

“Here,” Daniel hands the toy to Dr. Harmon, “I’d like to watch you bring her to her climax, Dr. Harmon. Please. It will help me to prepare for my turn to penetrate her.”

“As you wish, my curious protege. I love how eager you are to learn. And, of course, it would be my distinct honor to bring this beautiful specimen to her climax in preparation for your first practical penetration. What a special day this is turning out to be, huh?” Dr. Harmon is beaming now.

The doctor lightly presses the little blue vibrator to my clitoris which, I’ve learned today, is the official term for the little button on the outside of my vagina. My only job is to lay back and relax. Relaxing isn’t entirely easy when my clitoris is being stimulated in this way but I do my best.

Daniel is slowly undressing as he watches me writhe at the hands of Dr. Harmon.

“Good girl,” the doctor praises me in my struggle to stay relaxed. “Good girl,” he says every time I unclench my body again. “Mmm what a good little girl, huh, with a pretty little pussy, huh?”

“Yes sir. She is such a good girl, isn’t she? I feel like the luckiest medical student in the world right now, watching this.”

Daniel was completely naked now, too. I loved this, I loved that I was no longer the only naked one in the room and I loved the way Daniel’s body looked. He was standing tall, strong, and proud…and quite aroused. I felt a bit of relief that Dr. Harmon had penetrated me first to stretch me out and warm me up for what was about to happen. His erection was huge, his hand barely fit around it has he stroked himself while he watched the doctor use the little blue vibrator to play with me.

Seeing Daniel in all his vulnerable strength was almost more than I could handle. He was so handsome and just so sweet. Daniel’s willingness to get naked touched my heart while Dr. Harmon used that little blue toy to touch my clit.

This was it. I could feel my eyes start to roll back in my head. I could feel as the groan of indescribable pleasure slowly started to make its escape from somewhere deep inside of me.

Dr. Harmon stuck two of his fingers inside of me, paused the stimulation, preventing me from orgasming too soon and said “I think she’s ready for you now, Daniel.” Dr. Harmon was so perceptive. Daniel was, indeed, very fortunate to have a mentor with the experience and the intuition that Dr. Harmon so clearly possessed.

Daniel took the vibrator from Dr. Harmon and continued to tease me with it while he positioned himself at the foot of the table, standing up close between my legs spread wide. He was holding his huge erection gently in the hand he wasn’t using to tease me with the vibrator. Then he started to tease me with the tip of his big beautiful penis, too. With the blue toy vibrating against my clit and Daniel’s penis starting to slip inside and then out of me, I could hardly contain myself any longer. This felt so amazing and I wanted him in that moment more than anything I had ever wanted in my whole life.

“Good, Daniel, yes, that’s it,” Dr. Harmon praised his student as he slowly pressed himself deeper and deeper inside of me. Dr. Harmon was standing next to me, close up so that he could see everything that was happening between Daniel‘s body and mine. “Here, let me help,” Dr. Harmon reached again for the little blue vibrator, “so you can focus on the penetration you are performing.”

“Thank you, Dr. Harmon,” Daniel whispered, breathlessly.

Daniel continued to penetrate me, both with his eyes and his penis. He was very very focused, just like Dr. Harmon had encouraged him to be.

Dr. Harmon held the little blue vibrator up against my clitoris while Daniel focused on fucking me.

“You were so close to your climax a few minutes ago, Ms. Jessica. I’d like for you to come before Daniel does in case it might increase the chances of conception for you.”

So I got focused, too. I focused on relaxing my body. I focused on Daniel’s eyes looking deeply into mine. Peripherally, I focused on Dr. Harmon’s vibrator touching my clit while Daniel’s big handsome cock was going in and out, up and down. I focused on how fortunate I was to have such a wise doctor helping such a willing, curious student to examine me and care for me.



41 year old, single, childless, traumatized woman. Trying to make sense of this life and have a little naughty fun.

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Dysfunctional Girl

41 year old, single, childless, traumatized woman. Trying to make sense of this life and have a little naughty fun.